Self Tapping Wood Screw

Self Tapping Wood Screw

Slotted screws are the original method for driving a screw. Like the name implies, it’s just a slot that a flathead screwdriver turns.

For this reason, these types of screw are commonly called flat head screws way more often than slotted screws.

Flat head screws require a bit of patience to use and requires practice to drive with a drill or impact driver.

It’s weird how common they still are, still readily available at hardware stores.

Wood Screw Shaved Head/Flat Head/Slotted Head Self Tapping Wood Screw

Use for most woodworking jobs and materials of woods,need pre-drilled hole for hard wood to avoid split.

Sturdy and corrosion resistant,Phillips design minimize bit slippage.

They are threaded part of the way and then have a smooth shank at the top.

This helps hold the screws in place.

For woodworking a flathead slotted screw is the most common kind of screw to use.

It has a beveled head that seats neatly into the wood, making it flush with the surface


No. 10 x 100mm, No. 10 x 50mm, No. 10 x 60mm, No. 10 x 75mm, No. 12 x 125mm, No. 7 x 30mm, No. 8 x 35mm, No.5 x 20mm


100, 200, 50


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Self Tapping Wood Screw
Self Tapping Wood Screw
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  • No. 10 x 100mm
  • No. 10 x 50mm
  • No. 10 x 60mm
  • No. 10 x 75mm
  • No. 12 x 125mm
  • No. 7 x 30mm
  • No. 8 x 35mm
  • No.5 x 20mm
  • 100
  • 200
  • 50
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