SS PanHead Self Tapping Wood Screws-6MM

SS Pan Head Self Tapping Wood Screws-6MM

Pan head self tapping screw are ideal use for wood, metal or other tough materials and known for their efficient application performance and endurance. You could see them around because they are widely used in a variety of industries such as construction, manufacturing, engineering, assembling and so on.
Constructed of stainless steel ensures high strength and perfect corrosion resistance in bad environments like high temperature, cold weather and high humidity areas without the need for time consuming and costly maintenance.

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6MM X 25MM X 1000PCS, 6MM X 38MM X 500PCS, 6MM X 50MM X 500PCS, 6MM X 60MM X 250PCS, 6MMX 6.5MM X 1000PCS


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SS Pan Head Self Tapping Wood Screws-4MM
SS Pan Head Self Tapping Wood Screws-6MM
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  • 6MM X 25MM X 1000PCS
  • 6MM X 38MM X 500PCS
  • 6MM X 50MM X 500PCS
  • 6MM X 60MM X 250PCS
  • 6MMX 6.5MM X 1000PCS
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