PVC Pipe Threading Die

PVC Pipe Threading Die

y steel, provides good wear resistance. Applications: Correct or clean the external threads, widely used in thread repair and other processing. Suitable for steel, iron, aluminum, copper and other metals. TIPS: Check the specification and outer diameter of the die and the clamping range of the die wrench to ensure that they match. Choose a suitable screwdriver to unscrew the fixing screws on the main body of the die wrench. Adding appropriate lubricating oil is conducive to cutting or cooling, making cutting more brisk, improving smoothness and dimensional accuracy.


1.1/4"x11, 1"x11, 2"x11, 3/4"x14


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PVC Pipe Threading Die
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  • 1.1/4"x11
  • 1"x11
  • 2"x11
  • 3/4"x14
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