Karchar Steam Cleaners SC-5 Iron Plug EU

Karchar Steam Cleaners SC-5 Iron Plug EU

The Karchar SC 5 steam cleaner is the most powerful of its category.

With choice of steam ironing.

The Karchar SC 5 cleans without chemicals killing 99.99% of household bacteria from each type of hard surface.

Change the cloth without touching it.

VapoHydro function easily removes even the most persistent dirt.

Dissolved contaminants are simply rinsed with hot water.

The intensity of the steam can be adjusted according to the surface and the dirt.

The water tank is permanently removed and replenished, ideal for uninterrupted cleaning.

It also has cable storage and accessories and a parking space for the floor tread.

  • 2200 Watt Powerful and versatile the SC 5 Easy Fix steam cleaner.
  • with 4.2 bar steam pressure and steam pressure iron connection.
  • Include function, permanently refillable water tank and floor nozzle.
Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 439 × 301 × 305 cm


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