Crompton Mini Force 0.5 HP (Pressure Pump)

Crompton Mini Force 0.5 HP (Pressure Pump)

This is our best-selling Mini Force pump, with a 25mm inlet/discharge  of suction and discharge.

It also has an easy clean filter fitted to the back of the pump, which when maintenance is required can be easily removed without any tools – that’s why this model is our best-selling unit.

This in addition to being fully automatic, does not require any switching on or off at all.

The Mini Force II range is therefore the perfect choice for almost any application such as waterways, fountains and ornamental ponds etc.

The Crompton 0.5 HP Mini Force II Booster Water Pump is used at homes and gardens to pump out water from trenches and ponds.

It provides the power needed for multi-nozzled shower heads. Note: Controller is an add-on feature form vendor, not a Crompton product.

The CromptonMini Force II Booster Water Pump is an excellent pump for residential and commercial use. It is also useful for running multi-nozzled shower heads.

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 36 × 30 × 31 cm


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Crompton Mini Force 0.5 HP (Pressure Pump)

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